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Wniosek o rezerwację

General Terms and Conditions

A. General

These general terms and conditions apply to room reservation and all related services.
The contractual basis is the services agreed between English Romance Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ER) and the guest.

B. Contractor

If the service taker/guest of ER is not a reservation or organiser at the same time, the contracting party is the one who confirms the reservation of the agreed service and the other related agreements (booking). The service taker/guest, the reservation and the organiser are jointly and severally liable for all services provided by ER.

C. Cancellation periods

The conclusion of this contract obliges the contracting parties to carry out this contract, regardless of the duration of the reservation. The contract can only be resolved unilaterally by the booker under the following conditions:

If individual rooms are cancelled or the entire reservation is cancelled, the cost of cancellation is as follows:

Up to 49 days before arrival 50% of the agreed total, up to 36 days before 70% of the agreed total, up to 14 days before 80% of the agreed total, up to 3 days before 85% of the agreed total. Cancellation/No Show on the day of arrival 90% of the agreed total. The prices include a maximum of one person change, each additional change costs 12 EUR net. All bills of exchange must be registered up to a maximum of 10 days prior to arrival.

ER reserves the right to cancel services agreed free of charge up to 45 days before the event, without giving reasons.

ER will endeavour to rent out unused rooms in other ways to avoid failures. If a different rental is successful, the obligation to pay is waived. Until the contractually agreed capacity is otherwise allocated, the service taker must pay the amount calculated for the duration of the contract, taking into account the abovementioned cost regulation.

The service taker or the organiser reserves the right to prove a lower damage to the apartment building/ accommodation facility(s).

D. Reservation periods

The reservation data is binding on both parties. HE reserves the right to rent out reserved rooms elsewhere if the service taker does not arrive by 18:00 on the first day of the reservation date. HE reserves the right to transfer the rooms provided to other equivalent accommodations within 10 km, provided that booking conditions require this.

E. Reserved room units

Reserved room units are only available to the service taker during the agreed period. A claim beyond the agreed period requires the prior consent of ER. At the latest 5 days after the conclusion of the contract, ER must return the reservation confirmation, taking into account pt. 1, and if necessary with company stamps. In the event that the written confirmation is not given, ER reserves the right to reduce or otherwise rent the room units provided for at the time of reservation.

F. Disposal

If a contract in accordance with clause 1 is not concluded by the expiry of an option granted to the service taker to rent rooms, or if individual contractual obligations on the part of the reservation/contracting party are not fulfilled on time, ER is entitled to:
have the capacity previously reserved.

G. Prices

Unless otherwise agreed, the prices per person are net prices, plus the statutory value added tax. An increase in VAT after the conclusion of the contract is at the expense of the service owner. If the period between the conclusion of the contract and the provision of services exceeds 6 months, ER reserves the right to make price changes without prior notice.

H. Termination without notice

If, in the period between the conclusion of the contract and the use of the service, the service taker changes significant components of the contract by partial cancellations of services and/or room capacities in such a way that an economic rental of the premises left to him is no longer to be represented from a commercial point of view, ER reserves the right to terminate without notice.

I. Payment periods

The invoice numbers resulting from the services are payable within 3 days of the invoice date, without any deduction and in the currency shown on the invoice. In the event of payment after this date, ER may claim interest on arrears in the amount of the local current account interest rate.

J. Losses/damage

HE shall only be liable for loss or damage to items brought with him in the event of intent or gross negligence on the part of ER's employees.

Insofar as HE is responsible for third parties, ER shall only be liable if there is any fault. THE liability of ER is expressly limited to the services of the
ER Liability insurance is limited, any liability beyond this is expressly excluded. Liability for damages caused by disruption or interruption of THE ER operation or by force majeure, strike, riot, war, natural events, fire pp. is excluded.

K. Severability clause



If one or more provisions of these general terms and conditions are or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the contract and the remaining provisions.

Changes to the contract or cancellations are void without written counter-confirmation from ER. In the event of the nullity of individual provisions, the rule which comes closest to the originally provided for economically and is legally permissible shall apply.

L. Supplements

Additions, amendments and ancillary agreements of any kind require the written confirmation of both parties in order to be legally effective.
This also applies to the condition of the written form requirement.

M. Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is exclusively Hanover in Germany. Only German non-European law applies to the mediation, international deviations from the applicable law cannot be taken into account by us.

As of 19/11/2015

Use of Wi-Fi/Internet
When using illegal and/or paid websites in our apartments, we will generally charge the company or person who booked the apartment for the costs of use/lawyer.

Companies cannot infer the debt on their employees - the client is liable.

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English Romance Service GmbH - Logo

Nasza recepcja jest otwarta dla Ciebie
Od Poniedziałku - Piątku: 08:00 - 18:00
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