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Temporary living
furnished apartments with english
Hotel furnishings in Hanover

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Apartment with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms for up to 7 people

The apartment is very convenient and close to the city. Only 5 minutes to Hanover Central Station.

The following equipment is available:

- 2 bathrooms with showers

- Washing machine

- 3 bedrooms

- 7 single beds

- Fully equipped kitchen

- Flatscreen TV in every bedroom

- Wi-Fi

- Bed linen is provided (change every 14 days)
- Towels are provided

- Shower towels must be brought with you or can be borrowed for a fee

Apt. 31
Apt. 31
Apt. 31
Apt. 31
Apt. 31
Apt. 31
Apt. 31

Apartments in Hannover, Langenhagen, Hildesheim, Garbsen.

1-room-apartment up to 6-room-apartment

Call us, book us, move in!

Hotel rooms: https://www.mecklenheide-hotel.de/

Boardinghouse rooms: https://www.monteur-pension-hannover.de/

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