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Reference company Copco from Poland

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English-Romance from Hannover is an extremely reliable company, there is no problem they cannot solve, whether it is a defective light bulb, extra kettle, extra pot or suddenly new bed linen.

We have been working with the company for about 4 years.

Very good value for money.

We also propose very acceptable short-term solutions during the trade fair hours in Hanover.

Phone calls and bookings with the young team have been processed very pleasantly and in full satisfaction as soon as possible.

Even small emergency lies are accepted with a wink :)

At all the rental housing centers we use in Germany (and that's every quantity) the company is in the top three landlords.

I can only warmly recommend the rental office.

Philip Kus / Copco from Poland

Firma wynajmu kwater z Hannover-u English Romance jest bardzo sympatyczna, ogarnieta i niezawodna firma.

Niema problemu ktory by nie byl pozytywnie zalatwiony.

Obojetnie czy to jest na szybko nowa posciel, dodatkowy garnek czy czy tez czajnik.

Nawet podczas wystaw w Hannover otrzymujemy oferty noclegowe wyjscia z klopotliwych sytuacji.

Pracujemy z ta firma English-Romance juz od okolo 4 lat.

Rozmowy telefoniczne sa bardzo sympatyczne, mile i zeczowe.

Ceny za kwatery w porownaniu z innymi kwaterami z okolic Hannover sa bardzo dobre.

Wyposazenie kwater bardzo dobre.

Firme English Romance polecam chetnie dalej.


Philip Kus / Firma Copco

Apartments in Hannover, Langenhagen, Hildesheim, Garbsen.

1-room-apartment up to 6-room-apartment

Call us, book us, move in!

Hotel rooms: https://www.mecklenheide-hotel.de/

Boardinghouse rooms: https://www.monteur-pension-hannover.de/

We are looking forward to your inquiry