English Romance - professionelle Lösungen für Wohnen auf Zeit / Boardinghouse in Hannover

Wohnungsgeberbescheinigungen werden bei uns professionell erstellt.

Handwerkers "Paradise" - Schlafen wie ein König

500 beds in Hanover - single rooms, apartments, boardinghouses

We will accommodate you quickly and easily! - We and our partners.

Call: +49 (0)511 - 228 0000 or send an E-Mail: reception(at)english-romance.de


English Romance apartments

Sleep like a king

Group-bookings from 14,90 € per night*

Single-bookings from 24,90 € per night*

Comfortable apartments for craftsmen & technicians, families, sports groups in the center of Hanover.

All apartments are fully equipped with:

  • kitchen
  • modern large flat screen TV
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Hotel linen, hotel towels

All rooms are equipped with English hotel furniture.
You sleep on English hotel beds, well-kept hotel bedding.

New bathroom.

Enjoy your privacy in separate apartments.

Downtown Hanover, 250 beds for craftsmen, technicians and groups, a total of 500 beds in Hanover.

*) The prices are per person per night and are dependent on length of stay and the number of people in the apartment. More information is available by phone: +49 (0)511 - 228 0000

Benefits of for staff accommodation and craftsmen accommodation

In addition to the cheap prices for renting these apartments and staff accommodation is another great benefit that eliminates the anonymity of a hotel accommodation for travelling craftsmen.

Our experience with the mediation of this housing form on time have shown us that people, who need to stay in an unfamiliar city for professional reasons, are often very pleased with personal contacts. From appropriate feedback from our customers, we know that it is having to find not an empty hotel room after work, but to meet the landlord or roommates of room appreciated. The possibility to retreat back into the room, is here as well as that, yet with a nice people to chat a while.

Applies to tenants and landlord that the mediation of course checks before which specifications have been made each, so that it can be ensured that it will not be unpleasant surprises.